I recently needed a book from special collections, everything went nice till I ask for a copy of 4 pages. So photocopy costs, I can understand $0.25 per page because there is ‘special’ on it. But I can’t accept scanning a special collection item that does not circulate shouldn’t cost me $10 a page. It is just scanning, sending by e-mail. We are not allowed to take it out and you have students who work there. Let them scan and send it with decent price. I am sorry but $10 a page is ridiculous for scanning.

Thank you for letting us know of your experience. We understand that our fees for duplication of Special Collections materials may seem confusing. We follow national standards and guidelines for digitization of special collections materials for preservation purposes, which requires proper care and handling and thorough documentation of both the item and the process. We review each request for digitization on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the condition and intended use of the material. The $10 digital images we offer are high quality and meant for publication purposes. We do offer photocopies at $0.25 per page when possible and can send smaller orders in a pdf.

As users often prefer digital formats, we encourage researchers to take personal digital photographs (via personal camera, computer, or phone) of most material for research purposes in our Reading Room. There is no charge for taking your own digital photographs – this causes much less stress on the material.

We hope this information helps you in your future research.

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