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Looking for a book

Posted on October 18, 2017

I am looking for a book that you have, but it is checked out. Is there a way for me to be notified when it gets returned? I would rather use our copy than an interlibrary loan as I usually have to return them before I’m finished, even with renewals. Thanks.

Thanks for our suggestion.  We will explore options within our library system to see if it might allow for this functionality, but in meantime, we can place a hold on the item for you so that you will be notified when it is returned.  Please contact to initiate this option.

by Melinda Dermody

Hot water dispenser

Posted on August 31, 2017

I would like to suggest the library to install a water/hot water dispenser. It would be lovely to have some warm/hot water in cold days. Thank you.

Thanks for your suggestion regarding a hot water dispenser in Bird Library. I will pass it along to our facilities staff to see if it might be possible. In the meantime, there is a microwave in the vending room adjacent to Pages café that you could use to heat water. Also, you can get hot water for beverages from Pages for $0.16 a cup.

by Pamela McLaughlin

World maps

Posted on August 3, 2017

I’m disappointed at the projection chosen for the world map on the wall. It’s rather ethnocentric for 2017.

Thanks for your comment. World maps come in all shapes, sizes, projections and orientations. As a point of information about the world map displayed in the 3rd floor hallway, it has a very commonly used projection used by map makers world-wide called the Van Der Grinten projection. This type of projection contains a center point focused on 0° latitude (the equator) and 0° longitude (the prime meridian). We have a great many other world maps in this and many other projections that are a part of the map collection that is located on the third floor of Bird Library.

by Pamela McLaughlin

Looking for mission statement

Posted on June 21, 2017

Where is the library’s mission?

Thanks for your note. The Libraries’ mission statement can be found in the Strategic Directions document on the website. Not a particularly obvious location, however. Your suggestion prompted us to look for additional places to post it on the new website, so stay tuned.

by Pamela McLaughlin

Looking for descriptive information about library-owned books

Posted on June 14, 2017

When looking up books with the Summon system, it would be extremely helpful if the program would show the description of the book.  Right now, it shows the subjects and categories, but it does not show the actual description of the book (i.e., what is on the back cover or inside flap).  This would make it easier when conducting research to discern if the book was relevant to the specific project one was working on.

Thank you for your suggestion. We agree that it is helpful for the researcher to be able to see as much about a book as possible when browsing the catalog. Many of the books listed in Summon that are owned by the Libraries include descriptive information, which you can view by clicking the Preview link beneath the title. 

There is another option available for books that don’t have descriptive information in Summon. Clicking on the book will bring you to our local Classic Catalog, where you will find the full entry for the book. This listing frequently includes a cover image and links to descriptive information, reviews, previews from Google Books, etc. You can also use the virtual “Browse This Shelf” to peruse nearby items.

Hope this helps!

by Pamela Thomas

Looking for audio books

Posted on June 6, 2017

I had a difficult time searching for audiobooks. I needed to know the title of the book in order to see if the library had an audiobook for that book. Since I just wanted to browse, I went to the library so that I could just look at them instead of guessing which books they would and wouldn’t have. I found that not only does the library have very sparse amounts of audiobooks, but they aren’t all in the same place to browse through. My suggestion is to try and collect more, and to make it simpler to find them. Make it so people can at least browse the audiobooks available online instead of finding a needle in a haystack.

You are correct that the library does not have a large number of audiobooks. This is a format that we do not actively collect as our collections are more teaching and research focused.

Since you wanted to browse an audiobook collection, maybe you are looking for popular books? If that is the case, the best suggestion I have for you is to check out your nearest public library. Library cards are generally free and most have collections of audiobooks.

If you are in Onondaga County, you might want to look at options from the Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL): In addition to physical audiobooks, OCPL, like many public libraries, offers a number of options for downloading audiobooks to various devices using services such as OverDrive and hoopla. For a full list of options for downloading, see:

The branch nearest to the SU campus is the Petit Branch, which is located at 105 Victoria Place (just off Westcott Street).

by Janet Pease